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Unicorn Startup Kit Download Details

Hosting info image

1. Domain and Hosting

1 Domain Name*

It all starts with a domain name, let's get you the perfect domain name by Startup BRO.

Hosting* (Linux/Windows)

5 GB Storage + My SQL DB.

Faster, more secure hosting for your website / app.

2. Business Email & Suite

Zoho Suite

Business emails upto 25 users (limited).

5GB*/ User email.

Webmail access only. Single domain hosting.

Google Suite

Paid business emails on demand.

30 GB/ User emails.

Webmail and app access only. Single domain hosting.

Mail Chimp

Marketing platform for business. Send beautiful emails, connect your e-commerce store, advertise and build your brand.

Promotional emails upto 2000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month.

Hosting info image
Hosting info image

3. Static Website

Websites define your digital presence. Your website creates a strong brand image of your product/service by explaining more to your customers thann your words could ever do. You can put your portfolios on display and you can connect to your customers.

1 Static / Dynamic / E-commerce Website*

(10 Pages)

Digital Marketing*

(Offer Coupons)


(Offer Coupons)

4. SMS & Payment Gateway

SMS Credits upto 2500

SMS Gateway to engage with yours customers with dashboard for reports.

Promotional SMS, Sender ID - Transactional SMS, SMS API Intergration.

Payment Gateway

- Accept Cards & Netbanking. Quick On B=boarding, Easy Integration.

- Developer Friendly API.

- Services : Smart Collect, Core Payments, Payment Links.

Hosting info image
Hosting info image

5. Tech - Setup & Support

Our team will support all your technical queries and help in setting up things for you.

Technical support may be delivered by the different channels depending on the situation. For example, direct questions can be addressed using telephone calls, SMS, Online chat, Whatsapp or E-mail.